Wednesday, 21 October 2015


The Navratri brought with it a blend of faith, worship and essence of Indian festive season but more importantly, a symbolizing strength of women with goddess Durga.

Girls who have to struggle, to breathe in this world after fighting foeticide, to always live under the terror of getting molested, to struggle to get basic amenities like education, to face discrimination at each ascending step of their life, a place where the evils honor killing, dowry, domestic and social violence has no stop, but these are never the binding chains in the flight of the young ladies. She is not urbane; she is Kali of this era, a fighter for rights, a strength for society, an inspiration for family, a demolisher of molesters.

Hillary said' Women are the largest reservoir of talent in the world', they are the shining business woman, they are the administrators, each role today is bringing with it the spark which is soon to revolutionize the sphere of society . 

If you will give her, she will respect, If you won't, she will snatch. You made equal rights but you can't transfigure the civilians to follow them, You brought laws for dowry but you can't cease the system, You punish 100 in molest cases but 1000 again emerge, You can propel the word woman empowerment but you can't ensure that. This has passed through eyes of female community, this is what that has kept women still struggling in flames but her wings still is  in all its colors because she know what she is, she know where she has to reach and she know the direction to it. She is moving with  revolutionary steps and let this phase of feminism be again a propeller to NariShakti.

                   CREDITS: NIVEDITA SINGH

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