Wednesday, 21 October 2015


The Navratri brought with it a blend of faith, worship and essence of Indian festive season but more importantly, a symbolizing strength of women with goddess Durga.

Girls who have to struggle, to breathe in this world after fighting foeticide, to always live under the terror of getting molested, to struggle to get basic amenities like education, to face discrimination at each ascending step of their life, a place where the evils honor killing, dowry, domestic and social violence has no stop, but these are never the binding chains in the flight of the young ladies. She is not urbane; she is Kali of this era, a fighter for rights, a strength for society, an inspiration for family, a demolisher of molesters.

Hillary said' Women are the largest reservoir of talent in the world', they are the shining business woman, they are the administrators, each role today is bringing with it the spark which is soon to revolutionize the sphere of society . 

If you will give her, she will respect, If you won't, she will snatch. You made equal rights but you can't transfigure the civilians to follow them, You brought laws for dowry but you can't cease the system, You punish 100 in molest cases but 1000 again emerge, You can propel the word woman empowerment but you can't ensure that. This has passed through eyes of female community, this is what that has kept women still struggling in flames but her wings still is  in all its colors because she know what she is, she know where she has to reach and she know the direction to it. She is moving with  revolutionary steps and let this phase of feminism be again a propeller to NariShakti.

                   CREDITS: NIVEDITA SINGH

Sunday, 27 September 2015


On daughter's day, seeing much of the parents feeling proud and expressing their affection for their daughters. What India feels for its daughters today?

I remember an IAS Officer saying, an administrative officer also suffers as a woman in India. We have seen our daughters burning in flames, sexually and physically assaulted, always bigoted secondary in society, a list to discrimination which never ends. I also remember Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Saina Naihwal with clinging medals, sparkling with brightness. The way in which Indian woman are leading and gaining remarkable status and equity in society, representing India worldwide and bringing laurels to the nation, definitely make India proud on her daughters. But way is very less achieved, When daughters will feel proud to be Indian?

Indian society is still resistive to change its views for woman, a barrier to momentum. Indian families way with daughters have gain significant change and they are getting chances to move, lead and grow but women concern in society to  gain equal standing is still standing on edge to revolution . Lets be part of this revolution, because we want to say loud and clear, I am a proud Indian daughter.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Doesn't this look beautiful? It was always the mom who took the share of care, but today with decrease in generation gap, fathers flexibility in terms of parenting has reached in equity with mother.

It was an inflexible society which gave mother the title of "homemakers" bigoted "caretakers" and father "the money makers". The share of love and affection in such case reaches to a level of respect but miss the bond which is strong with mom and less with Hitler. The relation is more than of full filling the needs in terms of paying the school fees and completion of basic amenities of a child. Isn't it?

What has brought this change? Today mothers are working and have equal share in managing and supporting  home finance and this has lead to broad minded culture, a mindset which says equity in each share.

Yeah conflicting to the interests , a little India reside in this mindset but for change a seed is enough. There is just a little more time to cover and of course lucky will be generations  to grow in strength and love of both father and mother.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Like a little angel, she comes and get soaked in warmth of mother, in affection of  father, in the love of family, and add to the world of femininity.Gone are the days, when it was boy who was believed to take the generation ahead, gone are the days when the education of girls were barred, gone are the days when dowry was parent's prime concern, gone are the days when girl was the queen of some other family...don't blame me, that I say unrealistic things, these are the visions of today as well as tomorrow...

Pity on those people!!! when girls have smashed all barriers and are flying in all versatile fields, still keep their eyes close, and keep on going with old formula es of ...boy, their ATM source, girl a house maker, girl who establish the generation and credit on boy's share, boy on paper and girl on stove, boy mine and girl yours....
NO...A STRICT NO...relation of parents and daughter has reached a beautiful height, they have covered a beautiful passage of sensibility, responsibility, love, care, affection and seamless dimensions...

For a majorly populated society, for which these things seem a bit false, gender equality is on its way, just keep your arms open and embrace it, for your daughters whom you love the most, daughters who are always beautiful....

Monday, 27 July 2015


I was a kid with a school going bag, when teacher asked the full name of Dr. Kalam...I mistaken that time, then learned not only his name but the incredibly hard passage of inspiration his life behold...too pretty stories of childhood when he excelled in maths, when he worked with his uncle, when he left Rameshwaram, when he worked as a scientist with countless success...engulfed in the wings of fire, an inspiration for Indians in each word penned..

He is missile man of India, a human beyond any excellence and inspiration for eternal being, the body may has lost the soul but he is always alive in the vision of India, in dreams of India, in uplifts of India, in strengths of India..may be his work was destined up till here but he has given us ample strength to take the vision forward, every passage of success of India will see him as a true frontier...

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


A woman is the symbol of strength, love and a mother, as a sister and in other role she plays, when she has same role for society, flower blooms in numerous lives because they bring happiness in the grey shade of life. Mother Teresa played an exceptional role during her life from educating the children to curing the ill, serving the aged an prostitutes, her Missionaries of Charity works for it. The one known as her shadow, Sister Nirmala took this caravan forward and her message to new areas.

She was humble, polite and has given selfless service taking the mission of Mother ahead.She said " Our service to the poorest of the poor is proof of our love for Jesus in the Eucharist, for this Jesus called Mother Teresa and all the Missionaries of Charity to quench the thirst of souls in living our life as Missionaries of Charity with justice, in poverty and obedience, meeting him in our service to the poorest of the poor, with prayer and with contemplation. The Jesus we adore in the Eucharist is that Jesus we serve in the poorest of the poor." Her works for the mankind was an inspiration and will keep inspiring the gesture of kindness in the generations to come,we pray that this divine soul rest in peace...

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Have you ever wished in your tough times, an angel to come and solve your mystery? Many a times you may have but this time our mother earth may have wished, so an angel turned in form of little Maryam. A Muslim girl winning in all India ' Gita Champion's League' by ISKCON received great appraisal, because more than the winner of the contest it was winning moment for humanity without any religious interference......

Religious intolerance is so common in our society, people want to protect their religious interests at any cost, we have so much terror, wars, fights, afflictions on the name of religion which promises the way to god...Amazed, reaching to Ram and Rahim after shattering the existence of humanity...Maryam winning indicated the way to god is same thorough all religion and see how beautifully the girl says 'the more I read about religion more I come to know that the real existence of religion is in humanity'.

The time has come to embrace the worth entitled in all religions rather than to be overprotected by them because it is man who created religion, religion has not created man..It sought out the way to principle life, a way for better existence of humanity. Maryam has started  it so well and now  choice is our's but for her, Well done, Maryam......