Wednesday, 24 June 2015


A woman is the symbol of strength, love and a mother, as a sister and in other role she plays, when she has same role for society, flower blooms in numerous lives because they bring happiness in the grey shade of life. Mother Teresa played an exceptional role during her life from educating the children to curing the ill, serving the aged an prostitutes, her Missionaries of Charity works for it. The one known as her shadow, Sister Nirmala took this caravan forward and her message to new areas.

She was humble, polite and has given selfless service taking the mission of Mother ahead.She said " Our service to the poorest of the poor is proof of our love for Jesus in the Eucharist, for this Jesus called Mother Teresa and all the Missionaries of Charity to quench the thirst of souls in living our life as Missionaries of Charity with justice, in poverty and obedience, meeting him in our service to the poorest of the poor, with prayer and with contemplation. The Jesus we adore in the Eucharist is that Jesus we serve in the poorest of the poor." Her works for the mankind was an inspiration and will keep inspiring the gesture of kindness in the generations to come,we pray that this divine soul rest in peace...


  1. Beautiful write-up Shivedita. Every woman symbolizes strength and willpower to bear whatever she undergoes.

  2. thanks true..:))

  3. thanks true..:))