Sunday, 21 June 2015


Have you ever wished in your tough times, an angel to come and solve your mystery? Many a times you may have but this time our mother earth may have wished, so an angel turned in form of little Maryam. A Muslim girl winning in all India ' Gita Champion's League' by ISKCON received great appraisal, because more than the winner of the contest it was winning moment for humanity without any religious interference......

Religious intolerance is so common in our society, people want to protect their religious interests at any cost, we have so much terror, wars, fights, afflictions on the name of religion which promises the way to god...Amazed, reaching to Ram and Rahim after shattering the existence of humanity...Maryam winning indicated the way to god is same thorough all religion and see how beautifully the girl says 'the more I read about religion more I come to know that the real existence of religion is in humanity'.

The time has come to embrace the worth entitled in all religions rather than to be overprotected by them because it is man who created religion, religion has not created man..It sought out the way to principle life, a way for better existence of humanity. Maryam has started  it so well and now  choice is our's but for her, Well done, Maryam......

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