Monday, 30 March 2015


In the male dominant society where parents think about dowry as soon as their girl is born, where woman is always regarded as secondary, where ever teasing, sexual harassment has splashed a big blot, where women passes through all infliction's from their early education to the independent survival, where she is born with wings but they are always clenched....a girl from this society only has flied with all her strength, smashing all the barriers and has acquired peak domination, wiping off the domination of china who are the masters of the game.
The journey was not easy, she used to travel 25 km distance in her early childhood for training session but the her goals were firm and she raised out as the best Indian woman player. Laurels followed her but reaching at the zenith is not only a landmark for the country but empowered the desire, the hope and the strength for the girls to keep going because if Saina can, why you can't??

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