Friday, 13 February 2015


Fearless smashes on court, a tone of confidence and a series of awards including prestigious Grand Slams, Olympics golds that has followed them...No surprise, they are none other than William Sisters.Champions have spirit to fight whether its on court or on track of life. Elder of two Venus Williams who has ruled the court for a long period, formerly seeded Number 1 has fallen prey to an incurable disease Sjogren's Syndrome.

A player who has defeated her every opponent, cannot be defeated by just a disease-a lot hard it may be. She aspires to be back on court and again play on the same field. Even after suffering from a tough period she managed to win many big matches and is working hard to regain back to the same state of life.Venus herself said-"I won't let it beat me".

I hope that god give her ample strength to fight and she will defeat her opponent even in this match.Let us pray and hope to see back the magical team of sisters again back on court.They truly represent the strength of this wonderful community of woman and generate the spark of aspiration for each of us...

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