Sunday, 14 December 2014


Look at the newspaper these days, may be you find a little change in political scenario but move eyes from there and look at the cases of harassment....not even a minor change.The evil instincts are aggravating, an outrage today; vanishes tomorrow.Do these newspaper reach to administrative and government officials?If yes, do they have kept their eyes close?How can a 'taken for granted' attitude for such injustice in regard to female community is bearable?

Eve-teasing and slazing on roads and bus stops....a picture of complete lack of morality.What is government doing on the name of woman empowerment, if the justice had been a bit strong definitely there would have been reduction in such incidents. How much time do this male community need to accept that woman is no more embellished now, if you can't give her respect, if you can't take her responsibility...don't but let her move alone with dignity.  

We talk of same things today, a bit we move and reach where we have started from. It is difficult that this voice will reach to their ears, so this caravan of our right and justice will have to be led by our voice only. We must keep ourselves strong and determinant because there is still a long way to go......


  1. Powerful words!! These words should reach out to everyone out there who read mewspapers blindly..