Friday, 5 December 2014


Debates and spark triggered these days for the borderline that is set for the girls students in various colleges and universities.Either it was AMU or our DU, girls spoke from everywhere. Not only about the strictness set in their schedule and behavior but also through various pressures and restrictions they have to pass through.

AMU Vice Chancellor when spoke about 'No girls appearance'  in Maulana Azad library, outrageous response had to come. Under the pulls and pressures from the court and government, things were marked in favor but it again marked the symbol when belonging to woman community was the reason, you were barred from learning. There were VC's reasons that followed that but let we know if psychological behavior of others will go wrong...when attitude of society will go wrong....we will keep our girls sacrificing and blaming?So unjustified it is, in their respect and why should they always pay for it... 

No restriction in setting the no. of boys going to library, for whatever purpose they go(as required or as indicated)?

Girls student saying that 'VC is like our father' is remarkable and let us keep maintaining this dignity 
by letting the girls equitable in every approach. Finally its the victory for the girls ,instead victory for all of us...resolution is passed and now my girls students can avail this facility.This was not about books,library and education but it holds various other important meanings that are today important to let girls keep going without distinction in this dominated man sphere.... 

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